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Important - please note:
Doy Bags are available for wholsale customers/resellers only. We no longer sell to retail customers. If you run a shop or an e-commerce website and would like to stock Doy Bags, please contact us.

What are Doy Bags?
Doy Bags are a range of bags, purses and accessories made from recycled juice packs. They are made by a women's cooperative in the Philippines and fairly traded.

Read more about Doy Bags or visit the slide show.

The women who make your Doy Bags say Thank you

Some of the (more than 500) women in the Philippines who make Doy Bags.

Lunch Boxes

Voted BEST BUY in the
national press

Lunch Box

Featured item
Tote Bag

Tote Bag - click to see the full range available

A great durable, multi-purpose bag for town, beach or pool… Available in more than a dozen colours/designs. The perfect summer tote!

The Apple Bag

Apple Bag
This bag is part of a range of fabulously fruity bags featuring extra-large "Drysdale" juice packs. The Apple Bag is a big hit!

Featured item
Woven Make-up Bag

A practical make-up bag for all your bits and pieces. Or use it as a wallet or a pencil case - you choose! Practical and fun with a secure zip closure.

Woven Make-up Bag - click to see the full range available


Cleverly made out of strips of recycled fashion magazines, tightly rolled and varnished to make colourful, unusual beads!

Collection Overview

'Classic' Doy Bags & Accessoires
Made from recycled whole juice packs

Mini Bag

Small Handbag

Funky Shoulder Bag


Small Crescent Bag

Crescent Bag (large)


Shopping Bag

Tote Bag

Apple Bag

Resort Bag (small)

Resort Bag (large)

Petal Bag

Big Market Bag

Lunch Box

Large Lunch Box


Coin Purse

Pencil Case

Large Pencil Case



Neck Pouch


Luggage Tag

Wash Bag

Doy Household Items


Hanging Organizer

Pencil Holder

Tidy Box Small




Woven Doy Bags & Accessories
Made from expertly woven strips of pre-consumer juice pack material

Coin Purse

Make-up Bag

Make-up Bag (large)

Clutch Bag

Chain Bag

Bamboo Handle Bag


Square Handbag


Shopping Bag

Smart Shopper

Market Bag

Bucket Bag Medium

Bucket Bag Large

Key Ring/
Bag Charm


Place Mat

Picture Frame

Paper Bead Jewellery
Made from recycled magazines

Loose beads (oval)

Loose beads (tubular)

Earrings "Ella"

Earrings "Sophie"

Bracelet "Ella"

Bracelet "Katie"

Bracelet "Jessica"

Necklace "Ella"

Necklace "Katie"

Necklace "Jessica"

Necklace "Sophie"

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